Tom Delonge ES 333

El numero 333 es de movistar


Starting bid:
US $8.99


This Products is High Quality Handcrafted Miniature Guitar with Amazing Finishing Work[……]

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Es 333

Gibson ES-333

What happened was, ever since the Gibson BB King Lucille landed, I’ve been kicking myself for not checking out an ES-333 first. I finally made a trip in to town just to “feeeel” one…

I tried out a faded brown one at my favorite local music store, and thought immediately tha[……]

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Es 333 audiofanzine


Gibson ES-333 : l’avis de christiangtr
Par christiangtr le 10/06/2005

Mon avis sur la gibson es333. achetéee en MAI 2005 (neuve).
couleur: vintage red
bien sur, elle est faite aus USA,
22 cases pour le manche
micros gibson 490 et 498 (comme sur la les[……]

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Es 333 australia

Gibson ES-333, brown

*Gibson no longer make this model of guitar!* Original retail price was over $4000. Selling with original Gibson Memphis bag. Payment to be worked out in cash or direct debit. Own arrangements to pick up are preferable. Light scuffing on bridge, small pit on body. Used as a “[……]

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Es 333 bass

F/T Gibson ES-333 for a Bass
I have a Gibson ES-333 with BG Pure 90’s installed. Hard Shell case but the lock is broken on the case.

I am looking for an iteresting trade. Fender Mustang, Jazzmaster, I don’t know what else possibly. I do want the trade to be equitable. But I am willing to dea[……]

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Es 333 buy

Gibson ES-333
Manufactured in: Memphis, TN

Size: 16.5″ wide x 20″ long x 1.75″ thick
Top Species: Maple/Poplar/Maple laminate
Back Species: Maple/Poplar/Maple laminate
Rim Species: Maple/Poplar/Maple laminate
Center Block Species: 1-piece Maple
Binding: Single-ply top, back


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Es 333 colors

The Gibson ES-333 is a semi hollow body electric guitar made by Gibson Guitar Corporation.

The ES-333 is quite similar to the Gibson ES-335, but varies from the ES-335 in the following ways:
The finish is a thin satin finish, versus the ES-335’s thicker full gloss finish.
The headstock has a si[……]

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Es 333 copy

Tom Delonge ES-333
Is the top plate by the neck on the Tom Delonge ES-333 a pickup?
2008 Fender Custom Shop Clapton Stratocaster
Fender 90’s Pro-Junior Tweed Limited Edition

Really, then why is it there, what is it? I swore ive read somewhere that its a min[……]

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Es 333 for sale

Stolen red gibson es-333 (Eureka)
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For saleEureka CA, United States – 1 month ago on
Watch out! Someone smashed the windows of my car in front of my house and stole a Red Gibson es-33[……]

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Es 333 guitar


NGD: Gibson ES-333
So I’ve been searching for semi-hollow for a while now. Considered a Gretsch G5120, Epiphones etc. I thought I would definitely go with the Midtown, but I was concerned about the richlite fretboard, the 3 – 4 piece tops and its similarity to a Les Paul. With a real[……]

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